All New And Shiny


Two years ago I installed WordPress for the first time and called it Senke des Chaos. It was a replacement for a little CMS I had had running and I was planning to create a homepage rather than a blog. I could not really see the meaning of blogging at all. A lot of old pages stayed where they were then. I have made some changes now and then, even theme changes, but no major overhaul.

My focus has shifted since then as you know; during the last couple of months I have been publishing quite a number of posts, mainly about books I have read. I also started to blog in English for various reasons. And now the point had come where I had to change something in order to make at least a bit of sense.


I have used the new custom menu feature of WordPress to create a menu independent of categories or pages in order to combine blog posts and static pages better. My old theme does not support this feature so I had to choose a new one. This was not an easy task since most are colorful, messy and/or badly done. I settled on zbench modulo some minor changes in the end and hope that it can deliver a good reading experience.

I also translated everything to English besides the archive where I keep some old things such as German book reviews. This rendered the old German blog name infeasible, of course, and I chose a new one that hopefully approximates me and the content here to some degree. Consequently, the blog has moved to another subdomain. I made sure that old links remain valid until I delete the old subdomain, but please update your bookmarks.

So, what do you think about the new look, name and structure?

P.S. Thank you, Velvet Blues, for a plugin that helps moving a WordPress blog, that is makes it feasible at all.


  1. I like it. It is more organized somehow. Easier to read.