Three Weeks Youth Hostel

Because of some bad timing, I had to stay three weeks in Slottskogens Vandrarhem. Although staying at a hostel for that long was certainly not my dearest wish, I think I did a lucky pick with this particular one. It is friendly and comfortably equipped; especially the large common room and kitchen are very inviting. Free wireless LAN pleases the nerdy soul although reception is quite bad in some rooms and — of all things — the common room. For me as long-term resident the opportunity to do laundry is great. The dryer is useless, but they have a drying room with a big heater; my clothes were dry as dust after eight hours in there. The only thing that bugged me a bit was the bathrooms; people can just not keep them clean, even though they are cleaned every day by staff. And the toilet paper could be used in any printer, I am sure.

One big issue with staying in a five- resp. four bedded room — I had to switch due to the big book fair — is the inherent lack of privacy. I felt I could never relax completely, but that may also be a personal issue. Also, you cannot just drop something; but then, maybe cleaning all your dishes immediately is a good trait. What really kept me alive were all the nice people, roommates and others, I had the opportunity to meet. Musicians, pupils, students, doctors, soldiers and Australian, Swiss, Dutch, Libanese, Swedish, German — name it. I had many a good conversation and funny evening with those guys and gals. Thank you for making the stay worthwhile!

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