Zenphoto Gallery 2.0

When I prepared my move to Sweden approximately two months ago I developed a WordPress plugin to present Zenphoto galleries in my blog since the existing solutions did not satisfy me. I have been working on it since then and managed to extend it quite a bit. Version 2.0 went up a few days ago, sporting new features:

  • Pictures can now be chosen in reverse order and randomly
  • New shortcode [zengallery] for showing arbitrary images
  • New shortcode [zenimage] for showing single images
  • All gallery/image settings can now be overloaded by shortcode parameters
  • Shortcode creator with dynamic preview

I also distributed the code over several files in order to create more clarity.

Find the plugin’s sites here or download from the plugin repositories.


  1. Thank you I have been looking for a good Zenphoto plugin for WordPress and yours seems to fit the bill. Can I clarify though whether version 2.0 works with the new version 1.4 of ZenPhoto?

  2. Glad you find it useful!

    I do not have 1.4 running myself (and do not plan on upgrading in the next time) so I can not say anything about that. Any feedback is appreciated, though, should you try it out.

  3. Hi Raphael. Alas ZenPhoto Gallery 2.0 doesn’t seem to work with ZenPhoto 1.4, probably because of the change to the way Zenphoto now handles RSS?

    Have also posted this on the WP support forum :)

  4. Thank you for checking. Please see my answer in the forum (since it is more accessible there).