New Plugin: Cite & List

Simple Bibliography

A simple bibliography with some citations

Finally! I have needed—and wanted to build—this WordPress plugin for a long time, and now it is done. Because I am so bad at making up names, I called it Cite & List because that is what you can do with it: cite articles and list your publications. Both tasks are easily done with shortcodes; users of \(\LaTeX\) will feel right at home. You can also have everything look exactly the way you want it to, thanks to the use of bib2tpl.

Head over to the plugin repository and have a try! I like how the plugin turned out; hopefully I will have ample opportunity of using it, that is get to writing more sciencey posts.


  1. Unfortunately, this plugin did not work for me. The documentation does not clearly explain how to insert your publications, you have to crawl all the pages to find what you need…and then:
    [bibsource file=http:/path/to/my/bibfile]

    I obtain a parsing error…
    [the .bib file works with similar plugins]

  2. Point taken about the documentation; kind of hides the section. I will make sure to link it better in the future.

    Please report your problem to the bugtracker, including details of your WordPress version and the file you use (do smaller files work? What is the error message?).