bib2tpl converts the famous bibliographic data format BibTeX into whatever you want. It is written in PHP and uses a slightly modified version of PEAR BibTeX parser. Its PHP interface is both simple and flexible, allowing for lots of usage scenarios such as use on the command line, use in websites, integration in interactive web applications and plugin development. The template language used is tailored to be both intuitive to use and yet powerful enough to cover all situations that can arise using BibTeX.

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All tools I found that convert BibTeX to anything are either not useful in web applications, strict in their target code or have ugly template languages. Check out two almost randomly chosen alternatives:

  • bib2html is the first hit when searching for bib2html.
  • bib2x uses templates, too; you can easily test it here.

If you know a tool that has another focus or outperforms bib2tpl, please let me know.


If you use bib2tpl in your work, please let me know.


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