Automated Parallelisation of Dynamic Programming Recursions

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This thesis discusses whether and how dynamic programming recursions can be computed in parallel such that compilers can parallelise them automatically. We discover that under certain assumptions which permit a rich class of dynamic programming recursions, two kinds of recursions can be computed in parallel while others can not. For those which can, we design and analyse efficient parallel algorithms theoretically. We then implement several prototypes and investigate their performance empirically. Finally, we integrate automatic application of the developed algorithms into a real-world compiler.


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The black and white versions have different graphics that ensure readability on monochromatic displays, printed in grayscale and for individuals with color perception disabilities. The grayscale screen version works also well on ereaders; you might want to remove the margins for a better experience, though, for example with BRISS. Partial sources can be made available upon request.

Download the source code and data used in the making of this thesis:


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