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Spread Out List Items With LaTeX beamer

Everybody tells you that presentation slides should contain only as few pieces of information as possible. If you need more than one word or picture you better have at most three to five items. If you try to do exactly that using beamer for \(\LaTeX\), this is what you get:

Three items huddled together in the middle of the page

Aesthetics aside, item placement is just bad. You would want the items to fill the available space somewhat. In normal documents, package enumitem allows you to control such things both globally and per environment. It seems to conflict with beamer, though. I headed over to tex.SE and got good answers; Werner suggests to add this to the preamble:


With this, your beamer slides do way better:

Three items using the whole page

Note that you can adjust spacing by changing number and unit in \itemsep3em.