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How to fill your ereader

Reading free Sherlock Holmes EPUB

Back in January when I bought my ereader, I had doubts whether I would be able to find enough quality content to read on it, given that I don’t buy DRM which still dominates the market. By now I have found enough sources; in fact, I am not quite able to read it all. Here is what I have been reading, in arbitrary order.


For free

  • Baen Ebooks has a free library.
  • Smashwords has many free titles; it is common for authors to give away extended prologues or even first volumes of series.
  • The Firefox plugin GrabMyBooks allows you to pack any web content as EPUB ebook. I regularly do so with CACM and Flash Fiction Online.
  • There are some books floating around the open source community. For example, I discovered Pro Git recently.


  • Project Gutenberg offers English classics that have entered the public domain in multiple formats.
  • Gutenberg DE is the German version. Sadly, there are no downloads, but you can grab the text.
  • Project Runeberg is the Swedish version of Project Gutenberg. They have download as plain text and HTML which is easy to convert.

Over these last year or so, EPUB has been entering more and more publishing heads. I am particularly excited about Tor’s move to drop DRM; huge amounts of science fiction and fantasy are viable in electronic form now. Tor has a nerdy audience (both readers and authors) so maybe they felt more pressure than other publishers; let’s just hope that their example catches on.

Once tools for creating EPUB books become better, it will be increasingly simple to offer ebook versions of your content, be it fiction book, scientific article or tech tutorial. In my opinion, the phase of early adopters is past: with the spread of EPUB, ebooks have left the confines of big publishing houses behind and become a medium of the crowd.

Comparison of Pointing Devices

Relaxed arm

We nerds tend to spend lots of time working with computers. Although it is common knowledge that the usual tools are bad for our bodies only few of us act on that knowledge. Headaches, cramps, tight shoulders and necks or even serious illnesses induced by wrong postures appear to be quite common. The most often used input devices for PCs are certainly keyboard and mouse so it is natural to start optimizing there. In this post I want to share what experiences I have had with different pointing devices lately. Note that you invariably have to configure your device properly regardless of what kind you use. Sensitivity respectively cursor speed is probably the most important setting. Read more »