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New Plugin: Cite & List

Simple Bibliography

A simple bibliography with some citations

Finally! I have needed—and wanted to build—this WordPress plugin for a long time, and now it is done. Because I am so bad at making up names, I called it Cite & List because that is what you can do with it: cite articles and list your publications. Both tasks are easily done with shortcodes; users of \(\LaTeX\) will feel right at home. You can also have everything look exactly the way you want it to, thanks to the use of bib2tpl.

Head over to the plugin repository and have a try! I like how the plugin turned out; hopefully I will have ample opportunity of using it, that is get to writing more sciencey posts.

New Version of bib2tpl

Last weekend, I published a new version of bib2tpl, a PHP class to convert BibTeX to anything I wrote a while ago. There certainly were some bumps to iron out; these are the major changes made:

  • Entry filtering now works on all fields.
  • Templates can contain multiple occurrences of group and entry subtemplates now.
  • Condition tags can perform more detailed comparisons now.
  • Improved control over entry ordering.
  • Grouping tags are no longer necessary if grouping is turned off.
  • It is now possible to reuse parsed BibTeX for multiple conversions.
  • @entryid@ has been removed; use @entrykey@ instead, which is now guaranteed to be unique.

You can find a more complete list of changes here, and more information on bib2tpl here.

New Plugin: The Bug Genie for WordPress

Example of TBG issue screen

The Bug Genie is an open-source browser-based bugtracker I have been using for some time. It beats most trackers I tried in terms of features and usability and is also quite easy to install and administrate. Not saying it has no quirks, but I like it.

So why would I want to write links to bugs I fixed or manage lists of known bugs manually? That would only ensure work and pain should the TBG folks decide to change URL structures in the future. So I wrote that small plugin The Bug Genie for WP to do that for me. It is not the most impressive plugin under the sun but does the job. So if you use TBG and WordPress go and have a try!

New Plugin: Significant Tags

Full and reduced tag cloud, respectively.

I used to be annoyed with WordPress’ tag list/cloud functionality. Not only do you have to employ special means1 to get it to a regular post or page, but it also has limited functionality. In my sidebar, I use Most Popular Tags which is fine for what it does but does not allow treatment of less popular tags.

What I want is to filter out tags that occur only once or twice from my tagcloud because such tags are most likely of little interest but extremely blow up the list. So I sat down and wrote a plugin that allows me to do that, and more. Check out Significant Tags for the details and see it in action on my tag cloud page.

Click below to see how I did my tag cloud page.

Show »

It is not pretty, but it does the job:

<div id="tagcloud_more" style="text-align: center; width: 450px; line-height: 1.2;">
  [tagcloud drop_top=5 drop_bottom=3c]
<div id="tagcloud_all" style="display: none; text-align: center; width: 450px; line-height: 1.2;">
<a id="tagcloud_linka" style="text-decoration: none;" onclick="jQuery('#tagcloud_more').slideToggle('slow');jQuery('#tagcloud_all').slideToggle('slow'); jQuery('#tagcloud_linka').toggle(0); jQuery('#tagcloud_linkl').toggle(0);" href="#">Show all</a>
<a id="tagcloud_linkl" style="display: none; text-decoration: none;" onclick="jQuery('#tagcloud_all').slideToggle('slow'); jQuery('#tagcloud_more').slideToggle('slow'); jQuery('#tagcloud_linkl').toggle(0); jQuery('#tagcloud_linka').toggle(0);" href="#">Show less</a>

There is, of course, also the shortcode to set up:

$args = array("number" => 0, "separator" => "   ", "echo" => false, "drop_bottom" => "0", "drop_top" => "0");
$args = shortcode_atts($args, $atts);
return wp_tag_cloud($args);

  1. I use great Shortcode Exec PHP to call wp_tag_cloud as PHP is ignored in posts.

Zenphoto Gallery 2.1

New Styling Options

The latest upgrade of Zenphoto Gallery has been published this week. Version 2.1 addresses some deficiencies in the realm of styling. A number of things were hardcoded earlier; in particular, image containers, captions and images themselves can now be styled on the options page. Other than that a small bug has been fixed and some code has been rearranged, preparing for release 3.0 which will introduce yet more flexible gallery style management.

One rather annoying bug remains since I was not able to figure out a solution. When using the dynamic preview introduced in 2.0, shortcode parameters with double quotes are lost somewhere between JQuery, WordPress and JQuery again. Hints leading towards a solution are appreciated.

Find the plugin’s sites here or download from the plugin repositories.