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Walter J. Williams: Destiny’s Way


Destiny’s Way is the fifteenth volume of The New Jedi Order. While Jaina leads a big and successful attack on one of the Yuuzhan Vongs worldships, her parents try to convince the Empire to join the war effort. In the meanwhile the remaining pieces of the New Republic assemble on Mon Calamari and create a new state which is of course immediately in political and military trouble. Jacen’s return is one of the rare happy events but his company, Vergere, helps little. She imparts her knowledge only reluctantly and challenges the modern Jedi’s philosophy. The Yuuzhan Vong, on the other hand, have trouble with their worldmind that Jacen messed with as well as spreading blasphemy.

I read Destiny’s Way some weeks ago and can not really remember most of it. This is not a good sign in itself; I remember not liking it too much. Williams tries to tell too many things on too few pages: military advances, spy war, political crisis, diplomacy, Vong affairs, Jedi philosophy — he does not leave out anything. The ending seems haphazardly placed and offers shallow endings for deep characters plots. So, I can not give a qualified review on this one but can say that it was yet again one of the weaker books in this series.