Zenphoto Gallery

Zenphoto Gallery is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to use Zenphoto albums in your blog. Other plugins need access to Zenphoto‘s database and/or require Zenphoto to be installed on the same webserver as WordPress. Not so this one!

Given a JSON frontend to Zenphoto‘s RSS facilities (included), Zenphoto Gallery pulls the images from both the general images feed and album feeds. That is you can access any Zenphoto install anywhere as long as you get its provider to add one file! Another possibility is to provide album and image file names yourself and let Zenphoto Gallery put together galleries from them; you can access any Zenphoto installation this way.

Zenphoto Gallery provides some humble means to customize gallery layout and behaviour. It also features a shortcode creator that integrates with the standard WordPress image adding dialogue and provides a dynamic preview.

Note that Zenphoto Gallery is written with the intention in mind to show off some images and lure visitors to your Zenphoto site. Newer versions enable you to style most elements of your galleries, though.

Features include:

  • Get images from remote Zenphoto
  • Provides shortcodes for
    • gallery with latest images,
    • album gallery,
    • custom galleries and
    • single images.
  • Restrict number of images in one gallery
  • Show first, last or random images
  • Clips or downscales images to arbitrary sizes
  • Variable image link target
  • Variable image title and caption
  • Each gallery is individually configurable
  • Shortcode creation dialog with dynamic preview
  • Extensive styling options

This plugin is tested and runs with

  • WordPress 3.0.x
  • Zenphoto 1.3
  • PHP 5

You can get the plugin here.



  1. Install Zenphoto Gallery via your blog’s plugin administration
  2. Copy/Move zenphoto_gallery/json.php to your Zenphoto root directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Configure Zenphoto Gallery via the ‘Settings’ menu in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

See here.


  • [Bug] Maximum number per row had no default value, possibly leading to divisions by zero
  • [Feature] Zenphoto main page now available as image link target
  • [Feature] Image containers can now be styled
  • [Feature] Images can now be styled
  • [Feature] Image captions can now be styled
  • [Technical] Styles moved to (dynamic) CSS file
  • [Technical] Plugin folder name no longer hardcoded
  • [Feature] Pictures can now be chosen from album (i.e. its feed) in reverse order and randomly
  • [Feature] New shortcode [zengallery] for showing arbitrary images
  • [Feature] New shortcode [zenimage] for showing single images
  • [Feature] All gallery/image settings can now be overloaded by shortcode parameters
  • [Feature] Shortcode creator with dynamic preview
  • [Bug] Image caption value is now shown correctly in configuration


I kindly thank

  • the guys building Zenphoto,
  • ZenphotoPress for being so nasty to me that I got motivated to build an own plugin in the first place,
  • a nameless guy for his article about WordPress‘ settings API and
  • Joe Seifi for showing me how to clip images with CSS
  • Vinh Quoc Nguyen for his tutorial on adding tabs to the media upload dialogue