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Zenphoto Gallery 2.1

New Styling Options

The latest upgrade of Zenphoto Gallery has been published this week. Version 2.1 addresses some deficiencies in the realm of styling. A number of things were hardcoded earlier; in particular, image containers, captions and images themselves can now be styled on the options page. Other than that a small bug has been fixed and some code has been rearranged, preparing for release 3.0 which will introduce yet more flexible gallery style management.

One rather annoying bug remains since I was not able to figure out a solution. When using the dynamic preview introduced in 2.0, shortcode parameters with double quotes are lost somewhere between JQuery, WordPress and JQuery again. Hints leading towards a solution are appreciated.

Find the plugin’s sites here or download from the plugin repositories.

Zenphoto Gallery 2.0

When I prepared my move to Sweden approximately two months ago I developed a WordPress plugin to present Zenphoto galleries in my blog since the existing solutions did not satisfy me. I have been working on it since then and managed to extend it quite a bit. Version 2.0 went up a few days ago, sporting new features:

  • Pictures can now be chosen in reverse order and randomly
  • New shortcode [zengallery] for showing arbitrary images
  • New shortcode [zenimage] for showing single images
  • All gallery/image settings can now be overloaded by shortcode parameters
  • Shortcode creator with dynamic preview

I also distributed the code over several files in order to create more clarity.

Find the plugin’s sites here or download from the plugin repositories.